Upcoming NETA U-PRO Electric Car in Nepal!



CG Motors, the authorized distributor of Neta EVs in Nepal is planning to bring new Electronic SUV car in Nepal which is run by Chaudhary Group. Chaudhary Group or CG motors is going to bring new Eelectroni SUV car called ‘Neta U-Pro’ of Hozon Motors to Nepal. The CG Motors company has said that it has received permission to bring Neta U-Pro to Nepal. According to CG Motors, the sales of NETA U-Pro will start after completing the necessary preparations. Neta U-Pro sales will start in the Nepali market at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.


The Neta U-Pro is a compact SUV electronic car model produced by Hozon Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle startup company. Its attractive design, looks luxury feel inside the interior, feature rich and high range in single charge can be its bestselling point. Being Compact electronic car, Its length is 4530 mm, width 1860 mm and height 1628 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2770 mm. The feature loaded Neta U-Pro has features like electric tailgate, panoramic sunroof, heated seats, built in driver recorder. you can also find features such as fully automatic parking assistance, traffic jam assist, AI voice control, etc. According to NIDC, this EV provides a range of 610 km on a single full charge. A very large 81 kWh battery can be found in it.

For safety, advanced features such as automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, forward collagen warning, high speed cruise assist, and traffic sign recognition are available.

The Neta U-Pro is a compact SUV electronic car and this electronic SUV car is taking Chinese market and people are loving this compact electronic car. This NETA U-pro which is compact SUV electronic car can be a benchmark for other electronic cars available in Nepal. Here are some highlighted features of NETA U-Pro.

  • Highlighted Features
  • Hozon Neta U Pro is a mid-range Chinese-made electric SUV first launch in 2020. It has slightly updated for the 2022 model year.
  • Neta U Pro comes with an 81.57-kWh battery pack underneath its chassis. It also comes with a single electric motor which produces 231 horsepower.
  • You can drive a Hozon Neta U Pro for over 611 kilometers without any stops, according to the NEDC test cycle.
  • Longer range version of the Hozon Neta U Pro costs more than $27,000 in China.
  • Hozon Auto manufactures the Neta U Pro mid-size SUV at its Tongxiang plant in China’s Zhejiang region.

The Specification of NETA U-Pro Electronic car:-

Power and Speed

Engine Power231 HP (169 kW)
Torque310 Nm
Max. Speed155 km/h
0-100 km/s7 s
Number of EnginesSingle Motor
Driving SystemFWD
Engine TypePermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Battery and Charge

Battery81.57 kWh
Range611 km (379 miles)
DC Charge Rate150 kW
AC Charge Rate7 kW
DC Charge Time30 minutes
AC Charge Time10.5 hours
Urban ConsumptionkWh/100km
Suburban ConsumptionkWh/100km
Avg. Consumption13.3 kWh/100km
Average MPGe0


Weight1750 kg
Length4549 mm
Width1860 mm
Height1628 mm
Luggage Volume0 litre

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